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Gladstone Commercial: Your Diversified Net Lease REIT

Gladstone Commercial Corporation (Nasdaq: GOOD) is an equity real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in single-tenant and anchored multi-tenant net leased industrial and office properties nationwide.

We have a leadership team with more than 200 years of combined experience. Under their guidance, we’ve built a portfolio that generates predictable and durable cash rents to fund distributions to our investors. We have paid consecutive distributions since inception – even during the Great Recession and the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a track record of success, a history of strong distribution yields, consistent occupancy greater than 95%, and 10+ years of continuous monthly cash distributions.

A Portfolio That Performs

As of March 31, 2024, our portfolio includes 132 properties in 27 states leased to 110 different tenants. We have grown our portfolio 18% per year in a consistent, disciplined manner since our IPO in 2003, and have doubled assets since January 2011. Our occupancy stands at 98.9% and has never dipped below 95.0%.

Our Approach To lnvesting

We invest in high quality properties located in primary and secondary growth markets occupied by tenants that meet our rigorous credit underwriting standards.

A net lease real estate investment company like ours thrives on choosing the right investment properties. We start with the real estate - we are looking for single-tenant and multi-tenant net leased industrial and office properties located in superior locations, in growing submarkets and with strong underlying land value. We analyze the building configuration, replacement cost and the competitive building set within the submarket. Finally, we ask, is this building mission critical for the tenant?

We are equally focused on the credit strength of our tenants. As part or the Gladstone Companies family of investment funds, we use insights from our corporate cash flow lending and private equity practices to properly qualify our commercial real estate investments - quickly and thoroughly underwriting the credit strength or any tenants business.

When we have identified an investment it means we've found a well located property with features the tenant requires to operate their business and attract employees. While this sounds simple, our thorough sourcing and rigorous due diligence process results in the portfolio of solid commercial real estate investments we are known for.

The Net Lease Advantage

Under a net lease, the tenant is responsible for operating expenses, taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance. A net leased property is advantageous for both investors and tenants because it allows for investors to focus on long-term performance of the asset with less day to day management, while allowing tenants to maintain the day to day control of the property and operating expenses.

Why Gladstone Commercial?

Our experienced team, proven underwriting process and significant corporate resources give us an advantage - one that helps create the consistent and reliable distributions shareholders expect. We are a commercial real estate investment company with a track record of success, as exhibited by a history of strong distribution yields, consistent occupancy greater than 95.0% and 10+ years of paying continuous monthly cash distributions.

Contact us today if you have a property that may meet our investment profile, or to learn more about investing in Gladstone Commercial Corporation.